Reading Between the Wines

Reading Between the Wines meets the first Monday of each month. At the Oct. 3 discussion, which was hosted by Barb Sewell, we were so lucky to have a talented author join us via Zoom. Barb has known author Caroline Woods since she was a child! What a special connection we were able to have with Caroline, who lives in Illinois; getting insight into an author’s writing process is always an eye-opener.

The Lunar Housewife is a definite page turner that, quoting Barb, “You will be sad to finish!” The book is a historical fiction spy thriller and is actually a story within a story. The main character is writing a book while working at a magazine, and she stumbles onto a web of secrets and deceptions at her place of employment. Events are based on the true story of CIA intervention in Cold War America. Caroline brings the readers right into 1950s New York glamour, brutal sexism, and life or death circumstances, and surrounds them with people like Hemingway, James Baldwin, and Truman Capote along the way.

You will not be disappointed in this book. Pick it up at the library, Amazon, Target, or any other retail store.