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RC Club Renews Pilot Training Program

Butch Spiller

Flying Director Arvin Van Ry has announced several changes to the club’s New Pilot Training Program to encourage anyone who would like to learn to fly Remote Control (RC) planes and take advantage of the club’s great opportunities. Mr. Van Ry who is an Academy of Model Aeronautics certified RC Flight Instructor and two other RC Flight Instructors are happy to work with new pilots at no charge. The club has purchased a new training plane which is available to students. To make it easy for novice pilots to get in the air, the plane has electronics including GPS, Geofencing which will keep the plane from flying too far from the pilot, and even automatic landing at the touch of a button. The club has also purchased an RC flight simulator which student pilots can take home for practice.

“New pilots don’t even have to purchase a plane until we are confident they can safely fly and we certify them,” according to Mr. Van Ry.

Club dues are only $50 per year and potential pilots do not even have to join expensive outside organizations such as the AMA. When training is completed, club members will assist new pilots in picking out a new plane they will be comfortable flying. RC flying is a great hobby and the Robson Ranch RC Club offers the opportunity to meet neighbors, as all club members are residents of Robson Ranch. In addition, the club’s airfield is only five minutes from every home on the Ranch by car and golf cart, and has shaded pilot areas and work tables, a port-o-potty, and a hand washing station.

If you are interested in getting started, go to the club website at A club registration form can be downloaded with joining information or contact Butch Spiller at 770-265-0358.