RC Club Now In Its Fourth Home

Melani Caron, HOA general manager, presides over the ribbon cutting ceremony for the Robson Ranch RC Park.

Melani Caron, HOA general manager, presides over the ribbon cutting ceremony for the Robson Ranch RC Park.

Many Robson residents are not aware that the present Robson Ranch Radio-Controlled (RC) Park is not the first RC facility in the community. The club has been in existence for several years and has operated out of several locations.

The club started out as an RC flying club with fewer than 12 members who were flying RC planes on a small strip of land behind the pro shop. As the golf course grew, the club was moved to a location now occupied by the Archery Club. Terrain at that location caused wind currents which were difficult for flying. The club then moved to a small strip of dessert at the end of Grand Canyon Drive where Harris Hawk becomes Cherry Oak. At that point, club members decided they would like to add RC car racing to the club’s activities and membership had grown to about 30, and a small RC Race track was constructed.

As new homes and landscaping started encroaching on the facility, club leadership approached Robson management and requested a new location for the club, which would be free from development for several years to come.

Two years ago, the club moved to its present location just north of the community. The land encompassed several acres of desert and brush. Robson generously helped the club clear the land, and development of the new facility began.

The facility now boasts two runways for RC planes, two tracks for RC car racing, parking for about 50 cars, two golf cart parking areas, a storage shed and shaded areas for pilots, car racers and spectators. Membership is more than 100, and new improvements to the facility continue. The club is considering adding a third race track and drone launch pad in the future. Residents are welcome to visit the facility during car races on Tuesday and Thursday mornings and flying events on Monday mornings. For more information, contact Butch Spiller at 770-265-0358.

Note: In the last issue of the Views, the Internet address for the RC Club website was incorrect. The correct address for the RC Club is https://sites.google.com/view/rrrc.