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Fun Fly

Fun Fly

Bob Kehoe

The first Fun Fly event for the Robson Ranch RC Club took place in October. Out of a possible 200 points, incredibly, we had three flyers earn exactly 115 points each!

The honors went to Dave Hudson, Ed Brumfield, and Henry Morgan.

Individually, Dave excelled in the Climb and Glide, Henry in the Timed Flight, and Ed was steady in all the events. We also elected to award 10 points to the pilot with the most spectacular crash in each Fun Fly Event. This time, Butch Spiller won easily!

The second event of the season was scheduled for Saturday, Nov. 13, at the Robson Ranch flying facility.

The definition of a Fun Fly airplane is typically any plane that has improved performance to execute specific aerobatic maneuvers within a time limit. Entrants do not need a high-performance airplane nor to be a professional pilot. The scope of the events (Timed Flight, Spot Landing, Balloon Bust or Bomb Drop, Fast/Slow Pylon Race) is broad and one can even use any beat-up trainer to compete.

Points will be awarded for each event on a declining scale. Points will be accumulated throughout the winter, and overall winners will be announced at the end of the season.

Our goal—aside from simply having fun—is to develop piloting skills. For each scheduled event, the same airplane must be used, so choose a plane that you think best handles all that day’s events.