RC Club Announces Driver Awards After Unusual Summer Season

Butch Spiller

The Robson Ranch Radio Control (RC) Club completed the RC car racing summer season despite all of the necessary COVID regulations. The winter season will begin in November. Tuesday morning is practice day and Thursday morning is points racing day. Awards are based on points accumulated during the season for racers who finished in the top three for each of six divisions. The winners were:

Novice Division

1. Henry Morgan

2. Butch Spiller

3. Pete Cooper

Intermediate Division

1. Bill Christofferson

2. Ken Haines

3. Andrew Sauter

Advanced Division

1. Ken Fosnight

2. Ken Herman

3. Darrin Ziegler

Open Division

1. Ken Herman

2. Bill Engler

3. Dave Handlen

Master Division

1. John Wray

2. Dave Handlen

3. Bill Engler

4 Wheel Drive Division

1. Bill Engler

2. Dave Handlen

3. Ken Herman

Congratulations to all!