Quality of life and exercise


If I were to ask you what is the one “thing” that you cannot do without in your life, what would you say? Hopefully you would respond with exercise! Why the importance? According to a study done recently, the average 65-year old can expect an additional 12.7 years of healthy life, meaning he will live disability-free until age 77.7. Highly active 65-year olds, however, have an additional 5.7 years of healthy life expectancy, they will remain disability-free until age 83.4.

Now this brings me to another thought. We know that longevity of life can be increased by exercise but what about quality of life? Is quality of life also affected by exercise? While there are several existing measures of HRQOL (Health Related Quality of Life) and well-being in us, research is ongoing. Over the next ten years Healthy People is researching the relationship of longevity and quality of life.

I believe that we all know what the outcome of the studies will be. When an individual is both physically and mentally healthy they will experience overall well-being, which will lead them to participate in society and enjoy the company of others. Hence, a happier and better quality of life. In a recent Gallup Poll people who regularly spend about a quarter of their hours each day with family and friends are 12 times as likely to report feeling joyful rather than feeling stressed or anxious. If you won’t leave the house because of the way you feel or the way you look you are apt to watch as life passes you by. So, what’s the takeaway? Exercise is the first step (in my opinion) to a wonderful life of retirement! And we can help you at the Sports Club. Come in and take a look!

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Credits: Health-Related Quality of Life & Well-Being