Putting League Results

Gloria Lamere

Our putting league has become quite popular this season! The interest has been so high, we have had to offer two start times to accommodate the demand.

Dec. 19 Gross winners were Stan Lukasik 1st, Jim Baxter 2nd, John Burtis 3rd. Net winners were Mona Rod 1st, Jerry Walden 2nd, Bev Guidinger 3rd. Newbie winners were Kathy Remaley 1st, Roger Shelton 2nd, Steve Hay 3rd. Three people won the money hole–Regina Bellach, Roger Shelton, and Nanci Bounds.

Jan. 2 Gross winners were Wanda Harper 1st, Bob Wilson 2nd, Ben Blissett 3rd. Blind draws were won by Christine Fortin and Mona Rod. Net winners were Ken Haines 1st, Dave Bounds 2nd, Mike Fortin 3rd. Blind draws were won by Cindy Sorensen and Cathy Edge. Newbie winners were Roger Shelton 1st, Joe Harper 2nd, Jeff Wright 3rd. The blind draw was won by Paul Martin. Eight, yes eight, people won the first money hole–Tom Gayer, Jeff Wright, Diane Kincaid, Jeannie Bales, Becky Shefler, Wanda Harper, Brian Donaldson, and Recca Bull (guest). The second money hole was not as easy, but was nonetheless won by three people–Stan Lukasik, Kathy Remaley, and Debby Harris.

Jan. 16 Gross winners were Joe Harper 1st, Terry Hopton 2nd, John Burtis 3rd. The blind draw was won by Jeannie Bales. Net winners were Connie Wiletzky 1st, Jean Goin 2nd, Laura Kingsbury 3rd. The blind draw was won by Diane Oster. Newbie winners were Wade Larsen 1st, Ken Friedburg 2nd, Sue Coquillard 3rd. The blind draw was won by Robyn Tanke. No one won either money hole for this event, so it will roll over to the next event for some big money!