Pickleball Club Members Tournament—Fun in the Sun!

Tizer Finer (left) and Paul Jensen (right)

Tizer Finer (left) and Paul Jensen (right)

Noriko Gonzales (holding the pink and green paddle)

Noriko Gonzales (holding the pink and green paddle)

Mike Fortin (left) and Mark Shaughnessy (right)

Mike Fortin (left) and Mark Shaughnessy (right)

Jim Uhrich

After a one-year hiatus, the 8th Annual Robson Ranch Members-Only Pickleball Tournament was held Feb. 7 through 9. More than 150 players participated in the three-day tournament. The Robson Ranch Pickleball Club has more than 500 members, and the club was well represented both on and off the court with players and volunteers. This tournament is a great beginning ground for players who want to play in tournaments because they get to play with their friends and neighbors.

Sunny (but windy) weather shined on the players and volunteers. Three local food trucks—Chub’s, Los Tios, and Tacos ATM—provided delicious lunches. A big thanks to all who participated in the tournament as a player or volunteer. Thank you also to Robson Ranch staff who helped us out! We couldn’t have done it without you, and you were very much appreciated.

Players and volunteers were treated to a raffle drawing for many fabulous prizes donated by individuals and area businesses. If you have a chance, thank the following donors for supporting our tournament: L’Gran Café, Boston Sports Bar and Grill, Eeegees, Chili’s, Bent Prop, Agave Dental, Cindy Nastav, Janet Vaulpel Kruger, Round Trip Bike Shop, Buffalo Wild Wings, La Michoacana, Firehouse Subs, Culver’s, Rosati’s, IHOP, Stephanie Hair Salon, Pottery by Mary Ann, Anaya’s Texas Road House, Denise and Roger Wolfe, Jeanine McKinna, Will LaHousse, Ethel Lewis, Massage by Lauri Ethington, Safeway, Fry’s, Creative Café, Tumbleweed, Grand Slam Tournament, PIG (Pickleball is Great), RR Sports Club, RR Golf, RR Grill, Eva’s, and Tennis Cabana.

The tournament ended with a pizza party and live music provided by Robson resident Jerry Duruz to celebrate a great tournament. Thanks to all the player participants and congratulations to the teams who went home with medals:

Women’s Doubles

* Level 2.5—Gold: Michele Reiser/Sherry Erickson; Silver: Lynda West/Jo-Ann Walsh; Bronze: Janet Castelluccio/Amy Peterson

* Level 3.0—Gold: Jacquie Habing/Erica Gaudette; Silver: Lori Morrin/Margo Johnson; Bronze: Debra Kwiat/Ethel Lewis

* Level 3.5—Gold: Lori Aitkin/Sue Roneki; Silver: Iris Elderkin/Ellen Windjack; Bronze: Tizer Finer/Lisa Milosevich

* Level 4.0—Gold: Pat Breault/Lori Sakamoto; Silver: Dongmei Lu/Dara Miller; Bronze: Ali Frank/Dennice Smith

Mixed Doubles

* Level 2.5—Gold: Michele Reiser/Scott Reiser; Silver: Jo-Ann Walsh/Dennis Winders; Bronze: Kay Havercamp/Clifford Marson

* Level 3.0—Gold: Erica Gaudette/David Gaudette; Silver: Jacquie Habing/Will Habing; Bronze: Cindy Dix/Curtis Dix

* Level 3.5—Gold: Jane Johnson/Jeff Doorn; Silver: Tizer Finer/Paul Jensen; Bronze: Lori Aitken/Chris Roberts

* Level 4.0—Gold: Dara Miller/Danny Miller; Silver: Denise Smith/Dave Smith; Bronze: Rene Johnson/Noriko Gonzales

Men’s Doubles

* Level 2.5—Gold: Dennis Winders/John Birchmeier; Silver: Bob Castleberry/Larry Zimmerman; Bronze: Steve Belch/Clifford Marson

* Level 3.0—Randy Johnson/Will Habing; Silver: David Hazen/David Gaudette; Bronze: Mike Miller/Bruce Lattimer

* Level 3.5—Gold: Henry Chui/Bob Schumacher; Silver: Jeff Doom/Paul Jensen; Bronze: Chris Roberts/Chuck Pfeiff

* Level 4.0—Gold: Jim Uhrich/Rene Johnson; Silver: Mark Shaughnessy/Mike Fortin; Bronze: Danny Miller/Paul Barnes