Papercrafters Keep on Giving

Trudy Foslein shows some of the cards made for the Eloy Food Bank.

Trudy Foslein shows some of the cards made for the Eloy Food Bank.

Jaine Toth

The Robson Papercrafters are like little energizer bunnies who just keep giving. Following our donation of cards of appreciation to staff at the COVID unit at Banner Casa Grande Hospital, more cards expressing our gratitude for selflessly working through the pandemic were delivered to other deserving people in our community.

Trudy Foslien dropped off cards for the volunteers at the Eloy Food Bank. Most essential workers are paid staff, but at the Food Bank these people have been volunteering their time to help others even when it isn’t their job to do so. They put the needs of the vulnerable in our community above their own physical welfare. Due to COVID restrictions, she left the cards at the door and didn’t get to meet with anyone face to face.

That was not the case with our first responders. Debra Fosnight and Pat Serveiss sweetened their visits to the Eloy Police and Fire Departments with slices of Pat’s homemade coffee cake in addition to the thank you cards (44 slices and 35 cards respectively). In a follow-up email to Pat Serveiss for the cards and snack, Lt. Jerome of Eloy PD fessed up, “I admit I ate a couple…” That’s okay, Lieutenant, it was meant for all the department’s employees, even the bosses!

I asked Pat what comments, if any, Lt. Jerome had when they arrived with the gifts in hand. She said, “None that I recall. I guess he’s a man of few words!” Then Debra offered, “It was more what they didn’t say. The expression on their faces said so much. It was more the sheer thought someone would thank them with a card and Pat’s generous baked goodies.” To that Pat added, “Excellent answer, and you are exactly right. Their expressions said it all.” The same was true when Chief Weddle accepted their offerings at the Fire Department.

Our members enjoy being able to share their creative abilities with folks who often only hear complaints instead of compliments.