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Palm Sunday Service—”The Trial of Jesus”

Lisa Hunt

On Palm Sunday, April 10, we have a unique experience for you. At Friendship Center church, we will host a play called “The Trial of Jesus,” which will be enacted by members of the church and Robson Ranch residents.

Pastor Robert Kleinke published a book called “Why Did Jesus Die?” and a subsequent play which addresses what motivated the main characters in the events surrounding Jesus’ death. This “trial” will feature Caiaphas (High Priest), Pontius Pilate, Judas, King Herod, Peter (the disciple), and Mary Magdalene. The attorney for the state will be played by Pastor Bob. The actors are Ken Muhlbeier, Ron Carpenter, Jeff Doorn, Ron Weber, Milt Calhoun, Teresa Jo Fletcher, and Jane Minish. The congregation will act as the “grand jury” that is investigating Jesus’ death. Members of the jury will be asked questions and engage in meaningful discussion.

This play illuminates Jesus’ life and ministry, and the events leading up to the last week of his life and Easter. Please join us at 9 a.m. in the Laredo/Cheyenne Rooms in the Ranch House on April 10 for this engaging and interesting account of Jesus’ life.