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Opening Day for RRLGA

Barbara Gayer

The 2017-2018 RRLGA season was off to a great start with 23 members participating on opening day. The next few weeks were cart path only due to the previous overseeding of the course. The golf course looks great. The first game of the season was “All Par 3’s” with KPs set up for each of the three flights. The winners were the following:

Flight One: 1st place, Susan Worner; 2nd place, Patti Bruchez (TB); 3rd place, Cindy Jensen; KP, Cindy Jensen

Flight Two: 1st place, Pam Mumy; 2nd place, Jean DeChristopher; 3rd place, Mary Syer; KP, Mary Syer

Flight Three: 1st place, Mona Rod; 2nd place, Patti Baumann; 3rd place, Jeri Srenaski

October 24 (Game: 3 Clubs and a Putter)

Flight One: 1st place, Patty Bruchez; 2nd place, Robin Barber (TB); 3rd place, Cindy Jensen; 4th place, Bobbie Johnson

Flight Two: 1st place, Teresa Baxter; 2nd place, Mary Pryor; 3rd place, Carol Hallock; 4th place, Margie Poplawski

Flight Three: 1st place, Donna Shepherd; 2nd place, Jeri Srenaski

October 31st (Game: Racetrack)

Flight One: 1st place, Kathy Holwick; 2nd place, Candy Burtis; 3rd place, Susan Worner

Flight Two: 1st place, Mary Pryor; 2nd place, Margie Poplawski; 3rd place, Carol Hallock

Flight Three: 1st place, Jean DeChristopher; 2nd place, Mary Kindt; 3rd place, Patti Baumann

RRLGA is pleased to welcome new members: Seanna Madera, Carol Hallock, Regina Bellach, Margie Poplawski, Linda Webb and Gloria LaMere.

If you are interested in joining the RRLGA contact our membership chair, Robin Barber, at [email protected].