New at the Robson Ranch Ceramics and Pottery Studio

Sue Hudson’s beautiful coral reef displayed in her backyard.

Claudia Kimelman displaying her tree.

Another of Sue Hudson’s creative work, her creek planter.

Claudia Kimelman’s lovely rose bush.


The Ceramics and Pottery Room is now complete with open hours every day! We are offering orientation classes as needed. If you have always wondered what it is like to play in the clay, feel free to email Kathy Foran, [email protected] and sign up for an orientation class. The class is three sessions. When you complete the class, you can get as creative as you wish and there will always be a monitor on duty to answer questions.

Classes on how to attempt new ways of creating designs are being offered periodically to those interested by some of our members. When you join pottery, your new ideas are welcomed. We would love to hear them.

The pottery room now has three wheels and three slab roller tables. We have much more space and new work tables that have different heights. We have also had a ventilation system installed for the kilns to send the unwanted air out.

Every one of us has a creative gene running around somewhere in our head. Messing around with clay may be your thing but you will never know ‘til you try! Come and meet new friends at the Ceramics and Pottery Room, Studio 1, in the Creative Arts Center.