Needle Crafters

Diana Oleson

Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas, and I hope everyone is staying healthy, during these trying times.

The Needle Crafters donated 29 hats, 18 pairs of slippers as well as some miscellaneous items to “The Morning of Generosity.” Thank you to those who contributed to make this happen. Now we start over for 2021.

Some of the ideas that I have come up with for this New Year to make for our various charities are small stuffed toys called pocket pals, and knitted or stitched games. Character hats, gloves, and scarfs, like foxes, cats, or bears. I am open to any ideas on what would be fun to make for our charities that any of you may have for us.

The Needle Crafters meet every Thursday from 9 a.m. to noon at the Creative Arts Center and masks are mandatory till further notice.