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National Adoption Day

Jan Strycker

If you are one of the fortunate people to have experienced the joy of adopting a child into your family, then you will appreciate the excitement of National Adoption Day. On November 7 of this year 35 children were adopted. A portion of the courthouse in Florence was devoted entirely to adoptions that morning. Imagine 35 families rejoicing the same morning after officially bringing another child into their fold.

The children and families received gifts from various groups in the Casa Grande area including the Needle Crafters of Robson Ranch. We had so much fun knitting, crocheting and crafting small toys for the children. They ran the gamut from little sock ducks to teddy bears, elephants, snuggle toys and much more.

The children are now in permanent and stable homes, and we are grateful to the families who extended their love to include them. Often the children go from home to home while in foster care, and many times they have very few things of their own. Hopefully this little toy will be a comfort to them as they transition into their new family.