Members Only Pickleball Tournament Results

Beth Sulek-LaHousse

The seventh annual Robson Ranch Members Only Pickleball Tournament was held Monday, Feb. 10, and Tuesday, Feb. 11. We had 159 registered players who participated in the two-day tournament – 61 teams on Monday for Men’s and Women’s Doubles, and 55 teams on Tuesday for Mixed Doubles. Rain threatened the event but thankfully it held off both days. A great big thank you to everyone who volunteered for various jobs during the tournament; we couldn’t have done it without you, and you were very much appreciated for all your hard work. We wound up the tournament on Tuesday, with a pizza party and door prize drawing. Everyone had fun and the following teams even went home with medals!

Women’s Doubles

Level: Gold; Silver; Bronze

2.5: Cindy Dix/Erica Gaudette; Flo Van Volkom/Marita Hickman; Ann LeGere/Lori Rogers

3: Sandy Wentz/Deb Kinsley; Holly Barton/Jane Johnson; Jane Minish/Sue McCloud

3.5: Iris Elderkin/Kimberly Brumfield; Janett Kline/Yvonne Reynolds; Lisa Hunt/Cindy Johnson

4: Ali Frank/Jody Muth; Dongmei Lu/Brenda Kline; Dennice Smith/Noriko Gonzales

Men’s Doubles

2.5: Nick Flores/Lynn Beatty; David Gaudette/Richard Kaplan; Henry Chui/Greg Walsh

3: Bill LeGere/Reg Miller; Fred Goosens/Rupert Tarleton; Howard Young/John Wray

3.5: Frank DeFusco/Mike Scoggins; Mike Fortin/Mark Shaughnessy; Chris Roberts/Paul Elliott

4: Rene Johnson/Kirk Tatom; Rob Barrett/Paul Barnes; AZ Azaria/Rich Cronk

4.5+: Scott Frank/Will LaHousse; Daryl Ness/Lloyd Muth; Ken Betuel/Stan Smallwood

Mixed Doubles

2.5: Jacquie Habing/Greg Walsh; Erica Gaudette/David Gaudette; Lori Rogers/Henry Chui

3: Sue McCloud/Mark Shaughnessy; Leslie Goosens/Fred Goosens; Barb Wray/John Wray

3.5: Kimberly Brumfield/Bill LeGere; Janett Kline/Mike Fortin; Jackie Elliott/Paul Elliott

4: Lori Smallwood/Stan Smallwood; Noriko Gonzales/Daryl Ness; Jody Muth/Dave Barton

4.5+: Dennice Smith/Jerry Lewis; Ali Frank/Will LaHousse; Denise Wolfe/Roger Wolfe.