Member Charge Statement Billing Information

Nicole McCracken

Recently, the office has been getting quite a few emails and calls inquiring as to why checks haven’t been posted or why the office is holding checks and not processing them? We understand the concern for your payments to clear your bank account and show payment posted to your member account quickly. We have noticed that, in this crazy time we are in, the USPS service is taking on a lot more than they normally would, which results in mail taking longer to reach its destination.

Currently, the lockbox facility is seeing checks arrive as quickly as three days, but as late as three weeks from the date sent, or the date scheduled on an online banking request for a check to be sent. To ensure there is no extra delay in your payment, here are a few quick tips we’d like to share:

* Homeowners can check the HOA website (under ‘recent activity’) to see any payments that have been posted against their account

* Be sure to include your eight-digit member number (which can be found on the upper right-hand corner of the statement) on the memo line of your check

* Check to be sure you have the correct mailing address: Robson Ranch CG HOA, PO Box 65433, Phoenix, AZ 85052

The lock box facility processes 100% of the checks received each day by the end of the business day. Within one business day of being processed, the payment will be posted to your account. We can assure you no checks are being held by the HOA or lock box facility.

If you have any billing questions, email [email protected]. We ask that you wait at least 14 days from sending in payment before reaching out with any questions regarding that specific payment. When emailing memberar:

* We ask that homeowners not place stop payments on checks for at least 30 days.

* The HOA does not reimburse homeowners for stop payment fees.

* We will refund an overpayment if it is made on an account, at a homeowner’s request.

* If the check has not cleared the bank:

* It means it has not been received at the lockbox facility or was recently received (it can take two to three days for a cleared check to show up on their account).

* The AR team cannot help locate a check that has not cleared your bank and we ask that you wait a few more days or talk to their bank.

* If the check has cleared the bank:

* We need an image of the cleared check, if possible, to track the payment down and get it applied properly

* If an image is unavailable, we will need the following information in order to assist:

* The date the check was cashed

* The check number

* The exact amount

If you have any additional questions, we would be happy to assist. You can also reach out to me at [email protected]. I am able to view your accounts and possibly explain something you might not understand. If I am unable to assist you, I will send your question/complaint/issue to the proper party for resolution.