Meet Karen Cutrell: Fine Arts Guild’s Artist of the Month

Artist of the Month Karen Cutrell

Artist of the Month Karen Cutrell

Karen Cutrell

I am originally from Ohio and a graduate of OSU in nursing. We moved to the Ranch in 2016, following my second career of selling real estate. Neither career allotted much time to experiment with art. I took up watercolor when we wintered in Palm Creek and looked to continue that endeavor here in Robson.

The Fine Arts Guild offers many various types of art. At first, I was disappointed that there was not just watercolor. That disappointment evolved into a joy of discovering so many ways of art expression. Since we traveled frequently, I could not take many classes. Once COVID hit and shutdowns began, Nancy Friedman led with daily art project ideas via email. While I so missed our traveling experiences, I grew so much with art. Watercolor is a love, but now I also work with colored pencils, graphite/charcoal sketching, Zentangle, ink drawings, keep a sketchbook, and do combinations of all of them. We converted our guest room into my studio, and it has become a favorite room of mine. I use it most every day!

Several members take classes in Tucson at the Art Institute at the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum. Often the members taking these classes return to the guild and share their knowledge with the members. I was encouraged to try out those classes, and I love them.

The Fine Arts Guild has a great program of class offerings. The guild also has had guest artists, and the skills available within our community are just amazing. I highly encourage anyone who wants to learn new skills, meet new people, and have fun to join the Fine Arts Guild!