Grapevine, Shuffle, and Coaster

Linda Gayer

We all know we should be exercising, but wanting to exercise is a different story. What if your exercise regimen was the highlight of your week—a chance not to just get active but to see friends? Enter the Line Dancing Club.

To boost your brain health, one suggestion is to try something new once a week. “Lifelong learning is associated with improved brain health, and staying mentally active is linked to delayed onset of cognitive decline.” (AARP Bulletin, May 2021) Line dancing fits the bill perfectly, and the best news is you don’t need a partner to line dance. The Robson Ranch Line Dancing Club has four class options, offered two days a week for one hour a day; the classes offered are absolute beginner, beginner, improver, and intermediate. That’s 120 hours of exercise learning new dance choreography a week. Talk about boosting your brain health!

The most recent absolute beginner class began on May 5; however, the next one will begin in September. Contact Kathy Devlin at [email protected] for additional information about the classes, which are free after paying club dues of $20 a year.

The Christmas Dance Party is being planned for all club members in December.