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Mastermind Trivia Tournament Champions

Bob Kleinke, Sparky Gavin, and Kent Jensen

Bob Kleinke, Sparky Gavin, and Kent Jensen

The Autumn 2019 MasterMind! Trivia Tournament of Champions was held on Oct. 22. It was a riveting Jeopardy-style contest held in the Laredo Room. A spectacular crowd was on hand to cheer for the three contestants, Bob Kleinke, Kent Jensen, and Sparky Gavin.

Questions in various categories were displayed on a large screen and answered by the three competitors in expert fashion. They were especially sharp with the Daily Double and Final MasterMind! questions. It was nail-biting action from beginning to end.

The championship was not decided until the final question. Sparky Gavin finished with a colossal 13,100 points and was declared MasterMind! Trivia Champion for Autumn 2019. He took home an amazing trophy and a bottle of wine.