Mastermind events this fall – Mark your calendars

Mark your calendars, as the following MasterMind! events will be coming up.

* MasterMind! Trivia on Oct. 22. A “Jeopardy” style tournament for individuals.

* Mastermind! Team Feud on Nov. 12. A “Family Feud” style tournament for teams of three–four people.

* MasterMind! Team Trivia on Dec. 17. A “Jeopardy” style tournament for teams of three people.

Email Sam Ellis at [email protected] if you and your team want to compete in any of the events. Space is limited. There is no cost to participate. Prizes will be awarded.

Here are some brainteasers that might be of immediate interest:

1. “H” is the chemical symbol for _______.

2. What does “SATB” mean in choral music?

3. Who was vice president of the United States under President Lyndon Johnson?

4. What is the only U.S. state flag that includes a Union Jack?

5. What is the most populous city in Iowa?

6. What does an ornithologist study?

7. Nike is the ancient goddess of _______?

8. Who was the captain of the Pequod, a fictional whaling ship?

9. Who wrote the poem that led to the lyrics for The Star Spangled Banner?

10. What religion was founded by Mary Baker Eddy?