Let’s Get Moving

Executive Board Kathy Devlin, CJ Azaria, and Linda Gayer (missing Carol Enright)

Executive Board Kathy Devlin, CJ Azaria, and Linda Gayer (missing Carol Enright)

Linda Gayer

Where can you talk, laugh, get exercise, and have fun? Line dancing! That’s where! No equipment needed, and no experience necessary. It’s opened to both men and women. No partner is needed either!

The Line Dancing Club continues to grow in membership. Currently there are about 50 paid members. With COVID restrictions still in place at the time of publication, all classes are being held outside in the overflow parking lot by the Robson Ranch Grill.

At this time, four classes are held each week. Two are on Tuesdays and Thursdays, which are improver and intermediate; and two others are on Wednesdays and Fridays, which are beginner and absolute beginner (AB). CJ Azaria is the lead teacher with Kathy Devlin assisting in the teaching of the dances. Both instructors spend hours learning new dances for all four levels. CJ has even choreographed a few dances herself and has posted the videos online.

As soon as the Hermosa Ballroom is able to open, the Line Dance Club will host dance parties for club members and others in the community. Plans are being made and details will be shared as soon as dates can be secured.

The cost of joining the club is $20 per year, and that includes fees for all classes and most dance parties. For additional information on class times, level requirements, or any other question you may have, email Kathy Devlin at [email protected]