Lady Lynx news

Karen Furu, President

Fall means different things to different people. For someone from New England, fall brings back memories of leaves shimmering with red, yellow, brown, orange and rust colors and crackling as you walk through mounds of leaves. For someone from the Rocky Mountains, fall elicits memories of brisk mornings followed by sunny, warm days. For those of us that have the wonderful opportunity to live in Arizona at least part of the year, fall means the return to golfing in manageable temperatures or golfing in our short sleeve shirts. For members of Lady Lynx we have started golfing on Thursday afternoon.

Last month on October 11 we had our fall meeting. Our new vice-president, Mary Lizzotte, chaired the meeting as Karen Furu, president, had not returned to the Ranch. Jim Moore from the Pro Shop was there to answer questions. During the meeting we also discussed future scrambles, caught up with members’ summer activities and prepared for a new season of golf. Lady Lynx will continue to golf on Thursday with tee times starting at 1:30 p.m. It would be very helpful to check in by 1:00 p.m. Occasionally we may meet for lunch or have a get together after play. The purpose of our group is simple: to improve your game of golf in a non-threatening, fun group. If you choose to have a handicap, you can work with the pro shop with entering your scores, etc. into the system. However, it is not necessary to have a handicap to be a member.

Lady Lynx is open to anyone residing in Robson Ranch, Arizona. Each week there is a sign-up sheet in the Pro Shop. We ask that you sign up no later than Tuesday morning so we can schedule the necessary tee times with the Pro Shop. An email goes out reminding whoever has signed up as to when to pay your fees and gather for group assignments. The club has used anything from being assigned to a group to drawing cards for groups. We play 9 holes. I will say if it wasn’t for the wonderful, warm group of women in Lady Lynx I would not be playing golf. They have encouraged me to relax, learn and have fun golfing. Thank you for your support, fellow golfers.

Please feel free to contact us via the Robson Ranch HOA website, signing up for golf or calling one of the officers: Karen Furu at 406-580-3254; Mary Lizotte at 763-229-2346 or Shelby Davis at 520-444-9852. Hope to see you on the golf course.