Ladies’ Bible Retreat

Retreat facilitators are Linda Gayer, Debbie Olguin, Donna Shepherd, Michele Conrad, Veronica Long, Jill Lui, Kathy Muhlbeier, Lynn Bishop

On Wednesday, January 23, and Thursday, January 24, 2019, the third Ladies’ Bible Retreat was held in the Hermosa Room of the Ballroom. Over seventy women participated in this year’s event, which was titled Becoming a Woman of Simplicity.

Cynthia Heald, an author of the Bible study series Becoming a Woman and many devotionals as well as a national and international speaker at women’s seminars, was the featured guest speaker. She shared with us a wealth of applicable, Biblical information on how each of us can carve out time during our day to spend time with God. After she explained how she puts together her “tent” that she carries with her at all times, women were presented a daily devotional, a journal, a pen, and a bag to begin creating her very own “tent” to take with her. All you need to do is add your Bible, a bottle of water and chocolate!!

A special thank you goes to Becky Sundin and her worship team, Julie Casey and Teresa Baxter, for providing wonderful worship songs to begin each day.  Thanks also to Rock Springs Church and Pastor Larry for continued support of the retreat and to Heather Hardesty and her team for the table set-up, the decorations, and the food/drinks, especially to Sherry for her “angel napkins!”