In-House Pickleball Tournament Winners

Joe Murauskis

Robson Ranch Pickleball Club held their in-house pickleball tournament on Feb. 26 and 27. Other than a couple rain delays, the tournament proceeded as planned. It concluded with a pizza party and Jerry Duruz providing musical entertainment at the courts.

Please be sure to congratulate all the medal winners.

A special thank you to all the volunteers who helpedwe could never have such a great club without all members. A special shout out to Giddens Tire Pros for being our premier sponsor.

Thanks to Steve Arthur for taking great pictures.

Men’s Doubles 2.5: Gold–James Lundin, Rick Kvangnes; Silver–Emil Korecki, Steve Shockley; BronzeRichard Silvey, Mark Wise

Men’s Doubles 3.0, Age 5064: Gold–Steven Soodsma, Brent Swanson; Silver–Brian Pinter; Kenneth Neyhard; BronzeSteven Bond, Matt Terlouw

Men’s Doubles 3.0, Age 65 and above: Gold–Clifford Marson, Steve Henry; Silver–David Donaghe, Bill Attaway; BronzeKory Kirschman, Mike Adelson

Men’s Doubles 3.5: Gold–Joseph Schreiber, Scott Reiser; Silver–Tim Jones, Scott Gustafson; BronzeKim Hensley; Dan Sahr

Men’s Doubles 4.0: Gold–John Birchmeier, Frank DeFusco; Silver–Chuck Pfeiff, John Volker; BronzePaul Barnes, Dave Crosswhite

Men’s Doubles 4.5: Gold–Pat Kluckman, David Siddall; Silver–Greg Keirns, Jim Duran; BronzeAllan Carpentier, Reg Lakes

Mixed Doubles 2.5: Gold–Mary Williams, Scott Williams; Silver–Shannon Caron, Kim Caron; BronzeVicki Headley, Mike Headley

Mixed Doubles 3.0, Age 5064: Gold–Arlena Warner, Brent Swanson; Silver–Brenda Tipton, Ken Griep; BronzeJulie Woodbury; Jeffery Woodbury

Mixed Doubles 3.0, Age 65 and above: Gold–Lori Morrin, Larry Morrin; Silver–Tami Howard, David Howard; BronzeLynda West, Clifford Marson

Mixed Doubles 3.5: Gold–Leslie Goosens, Kim Hensley; Silver–Michele Reiser, Scott Reiser; BronzeLiza Yarnell, Dan Sahr

Mixed Doubles 4.0: Gold–Stephanie Juillerat, R Kirk Weidner; Silver–Kim Castleberry, Bruse Morris; BronzeKimberly Brumfield, Paul Barnes

Women’s Doubles 2.5: Gold–Debbie Cotton, Jayne McKelvey; Silver–Cindi Wopinski, Betty Lundin; BronzePatricia Joy Silvey, Donna VandeKieft

Women’s Doubles 3.0, Age 5064: Gold–Liza Yarnell, Brenda Tipton; Silver–Lynda West, Arlena Warner; BronzeLori Morrin, Teri Farber

Women’s Doubles 3.0, Age 65 and above: Gold–Margaret Lorentzsen, Margo Johnson; Silver–Kay Havercamp, Leslie Fleming; BronzeSheryl Mercado, Rebecca McKinney

Women’s Doubles 3.5: Gold–Tammy Welcher, Janet Schreiber; Silver–Debra Kwiat, Maryjo Duruz; BronzeStefanie McGinn, Colleen Stasium

Women’s Doubles 4.0: Gold–Stephanie Juillerat, Angie Weidner; Silver–Dawn Evans, Karma Keirns; BronzeLisa Milosevich, Doris Betuel