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Homeowner Reminders

Nicole McCracken, Administrative Assistant

Thinking of renting or leasing your home? Helpful tips to know!

For many in Robson Ranch, living here year-round is the way of life. For others, long travel or months in another city are the norm. For those folks, renting or leasing their home is something that is just a great idea. Below is a simple checklist for residents considering renting or leasing their Robson Ranch property:

• All rentals must be one continuous month or longer in length. A rental or a lease includes all structures on a lot. Casitas and houses shall not be rented separately.

• You must register your renters with the HOA office, located in the lobby of the Ranch House, prior to them moving into your home.

• If a homeowner owns only one property in Robson, the homeowner card(s) are inactivated during the period of the rental. The renter is given a renter ID card that allows the use of facilities. Homeowners are responsible for leaving a gate access device for their tenants.

• All renters must provide acceptable evidence of age to both the homeowner and the HOA. Robson Ranch is an age-restricted community and at least one of the renters must be 40 plus years of age. No children under the age of 19 are allowed to reside in Robson Ranch.


We would like to ask each of you to be courteous and respectful to not allow your pet to enter someone’s property. Please also remember that cats and dogs must be on a leash at all times and should not be allowed to roam free anywhere in the community including the pocket parks, the Winslow green belt, or back on the canal where Robson Blvd ends. The only place in Robson Ranch where dogs are approved to be off their leash is in the dog park. Thank you to everyone who has done a great job of picking up any dog waste and disposing it properly at the dog park or in your trash can.

We’d also like homeowners to be considerate of when their dogs are outside. With the nicer weather, dogs enjoy being outside taking in all the nature of your backyards. Oftentimes, homeowners are unaware that their dog may be outside barking. If you have a complaint about a barking dog, we like to suggest that you contact your neighbor as they may not be aware. If no resolution is found, barking dog complaints need to be addressed to Pinal County Animal Control.