Hail and Farewell

Barbara Chmilar


The Robson Ranch Material Girls are losing one of their most treasured members: Gayle Strack who is moving. The Material Girls were lucky to have her for as long as they have and to enjoy her wisdom and talent. She has inspired us all to become better quilters and more importantly to be proud of our work. I am sure that without her instilling this confidence and pride some of us would never be able to bring our projects to “show and tell.”

Throughout the years Gayle has thrown herself into projects, contributed numerous quilts to charity as well as to anyone she felt was in need of a hug in the form of a quilt. When a project neede.olunteers, Gayle was always first in line to help out. Many of the charities that the material girls support today were put forth by Gayle.

She is one of those highly talented people who also work.ery hard at being precise, their quality is at a standard of gods. Like the gods they are willing to share wisdom, time and secrets with us mere human beings. Gayle has won many awards at quilt shows, has had her work published and has created originally designed quilts that have been sent to the far ends of the country.

We cannot be sad because we are saying goodbye

We will be happy that we have memories to be cherished

How lucky we all are to have a friend that makes saying goodbye so hard

We wish Gayle all the best on her new journey


While we are sad to lose Gayle there has been a real interest in the club, and it has expanded to 76 members with 12 new members signed up since June. We would like to welcome our newest members: Ann Hubbard, Marcie Leland, Ellen Down, Debra Ellis, Donna Payne, Cathie Sanders, Debbie Sanks, Alice Snider, Alice Corbet, Susan Klassen, Mary Lizotte and Diane Bohmert.

The purpose of the Material Girls is to promote fellowship among quilters, sewers and embroidery crafters and to develop and implement programs and workshops, to inspire, share knowledge and ideas with fellow quilters/sewers while creating and distributin.arious items to local charities. Ultimately we gain many lifelong friends.

There are friendships quilted

In our hearts that

will never be diminished by time and distance.