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Groceries To Go Program

At Robson Ranch Arizona, one of their goals is to provide residents with incredible service and care—and that sometimes means being adaptable during unforeseen circumstances. Due to recent changes and restrictions with Covid-19, and keeping this goal in mind, the need to help residents access the food items they need, while staying safe during this time of social distancing became a priority. To make this happen, a “Groceries to Go” program was recently implemented at Robson Ranch AZ, as well as each of the Robson Resort Communities, and although each community implements the program slightly differently, the goal is still the same.

The idea for this program came to Vice President of Food & Beverage for Robson Communities, Inc, George Atwell. His parents live in upstate New York and rely on his sisters to bring them groceries. Upon learning about this, it got him thinking about the on-site restaurants at each of the communities-they already have the basic needs, so why not offer a limited service to the residents so they don’t have to risk going to the store.

With the Groceries to Go program, residents are able to call in their order or login to their HOA website and place their food order for the basics like bread, meat, and produce. The process is simple. After placing their order, residents prepay and are given a time at which to pick-up the order. They drive to a designated location within the community and the order is brought to them and placed in their vehicle.

Just like grocery stores, quantities are limited and only offered while supplies last. However, the residents have shown understanding and patience as the program continues to grow. According to Atwell, the response from residents has been incredible, with many of them sending notes of appreciation for this new service.

For example, a note (from a resident) was sent to the staff expressing their thoughts, “We are so grateful for all everyone is doing for us. We moved here last August after searching all over the country for three years. Boy, did we make the right decision for choosing a Robson Resort Community. Coming from California we truly aren’t used to the way we are treated here; even before this virus. We feel safe and well taken care of. Thank you again and your staff all over the community. I know other places haven’t done what is happening here. Appreciation is inexpressible in actual words.”

Residents are thrilled with this new value-added service and appreciate being able to buy the items to make a home-cooked meal. The new Groceries to Go program helps to alleviate some of the stress during this unprecedented time.