God’s Treasures

Bob Skier

A friend from Casa Grande, Helen Foster, sister of long-term Robson Ranch resident Laurie Waluk, recently began to share with me her gift for poetry. A dedicated Catholic laywoman, Helen focuses primarily on Christian themes based on Scripture. She humbly admits her work is strictly inspired by the Holy Spirit. Her poems move me, and I’d like to share with you one titled “God’s Treasures.” Enjoy and be inspired.

God’s Treasures

By Helen Foster

When stumbling, I’ll look for a treasure.

When I’m down in this life, I’ll pray,

“Precious Lord, help me see the treasures

That you give to me every day.”

When I sin, let me seek forgiveness,

When I’m sick, your healing Love.

In the darkness, let me see Your Light,

In deceit, Your Truth from above.

While in the deep pit of worry,

May my Faith be renewed in You.

In the depth of struggle and sorrow,

May I find Your Joy, ever new.

Your Treasures are all around me, Lord.

Help me seek Your gifts when I fall.

Let me embrace You and Your Treasures.

For You are my God and my All.