A Great Revealing

Pastor Frank DeFusco

In the Book of Acts chapter 20, the Apostle Paul gathered together the Elders from the church at Ephesus, with the foreknowledge that this would be the last time that he would ever see them. For he had an appointment in Jerusalem, where he was warned by a prophet named Agabus, he was to be arrested and tried by the Jewish religious leaders, then turned over to the Roman authorities to be tried, imprisoned, and martyred.

He stated to the Elders that the Holy Spirit witnessed to him in every city of his upcoming demise, that the course of his preaching the “Good News” was near over, and that at the finish line he would have eternal joy. He warned them that when he was taken out of the way that savage wolves would infiltrate and prey on the flock with perverse teachings, instead of praying for the flock. But he had left them with this legacy: that he had given them “the whole counsel of God.”

This is the legacy that all of those who proclaim to be pastors and leaders of the body of Christ should hope to fulfill. So, my duty and testimony, as a pastor of Calvary Chapel, would likewise be to run and to finish that same course. Therefore, our Bible studies are taught verse by verse, which includes commentary and questions from those who attend them.

At this date, we are teaching from the Book of Psalms on Tuesday mornings at 10 a.m. in the Picacho Room, located in the Sports Club. Starting on the first Friday in October, we will include a second study during the week, whereby we will lift the curtain on the controversial last book of the Bible, otherwise known as the Book of Revelation. This book is apocalyptic in form; that is, it is principally prophetic.

The book contains many symbols and signs, such as numbers, colors, animals, stones, persons, groups, and places, with some symbols being interpreted in the book itself. Whereas others will be found in passages of the Old Testament, still others may have no previous Biblical connection. We will begin with its author, John the Elder. We will include a historical background, both ancient and more contemporary, as we navigate through it.

You will receive easy-to-follow materials concerning its historical timeline as well as to the significance of the Seven Churches of Asia Minor. We will uncover the themes and purposes, as to why this book was given to the churches, as we attempt to expose and interpret the mysteries among its pages. At this time, we find ourselves in what is known as the “church age.” So, we will look at the condition of the churches today, and to the social situations fulfilling Revelation prophecies. We are asked to emulate the Bereans if we are to receive the eight promised blessings within its pages.

Here’s hoping and praying that you may join us. Be blessed, Pastor Frank