Generosity is good for your health

Kristin Saiz

Several studies in recent years show the positive health effects of giving to charity. Reduced stress and blood pressure, longer life and lower levels of depression are just a few. But many people overlook their life insurance policy as a giving option. Not only is this an easy way to make a big difference, but it also offers you four specific benefits.


Gifts of life insurance are cost efficient. For a small annual gift (often close to the amount of your current giving to charity), you can meet the yearly premium payments on a policy and leave a sizeable gift to that same charity. According to Chris Sar, director of planned gifts at Phoenix Children’s Hospital Foundation, donors are able to make a much larger gift than they may think possible simply by naming the Hospital as beneficiary of an existing policy.

One couple set up a gift of life insurance, which enabled them to participate in a recent capital campaign. Their ultimate gift to Phoenix Children’s was much more than they would otherwise have been able to achieve through their continued annual gifts, and they are able to see the impact of their generosity now, during their lifetimes.

Reduced Taxes

For an existing policy you can receive a federal income tax charitable deduction. Your gift also reduces future estate tax liability. For new policies with Phoenix Children’s Hospital as the owner and beneficiary, your premium payments may be deductible as charitable gifts up to 50 percent of your income.


Life insurance policies avoid probate, which can be public record. They are also contracts that cannot be changed by your heirs. This ensures your wishes are honored and details remain confidential.

Big Impact for Little People

Most importantly, a gift of insurance helps you make a bigger impact than you may have believed possible. At the same time you’re helping the children of our community receive world-class care at Phoenix Children’s Hospital, the only hospital in Arizona ranked as a Best Children’s Hospital by U.S. News & World Report.

For more information about how you can support Phoenix Children’s Hospital, please contact Chris Sar in the Department of Planned Giving at 602-933-2678 or [email protected].