General Manager’s Report

Melani Caron

During the holidays, we are often reminded of the diversity that our world is made up of. People celebrate the holidays according to their separate heritage, traditions and beliefs.

But one of the common denominators that bring people of different race, religion and custom together is a desire to live in peace, harmony and happiness. It is a desire shared by all, and it is best achieved through cooperation, compliance and respect.

Our community is sort of like a miniatur.ersion of the world. We are made up of people o.arying differences, but we are all connected by the fact that we share a community together. And, although we have our differences in opinions, perceptions and desires, we too can benefit through cooperation, compliance and respect for our neighbors. During this holiday season, as we celebrate in our own tradition, let’s try to hold on to that spirit of unity, harmony and peace that all traditions embrace, and apply it to all of our community neighbors…all year long. If we can accomplish this, we will all benefit.

On behalf of the entire staff here at Robson Ranch, please have a safe holiday season and .ery merry new year!.