Enhance Your Immune System with Essential Oils

JoAnne Gaudioso

As the seasons change, we are reminded everywhere to take important steps to enhance our body’s ability to protect itself. Doctors and pharmacies remind us it is time to update our vaccinations with booster shots and get our flu shots. When the immune system is compromised, the risk of getting sick increases significantly. Many lifestyle factors can also weaken our immune system, including stress, lack of sleep, exposure to toxicity, and poor nutrition.

Supporting our immune system can be easily achieved. We should focus on simple approaches that are easy to implement and easy to share with others. Among the greatest benefits of essential oils is that they are simple to apply and offer consistent benefits. Here are a few steps that can be used to support immunity and in turn, maximize the health of your family during the winter months.

Build healthy intestinal flora. If the health of the gastrointestinal (GI) tract is compromised, so is the immune system. A probiotic supplement is an excellent way to populate the GI tract with beneficial microflora, thus enhancing immunity.

Diffuse essential oils regularly. Harmful organisms can be transmitted by coughing, sneezing, and nose blowing. Scientific study demonstrates that diffusion of essential oils can purify and cleanse the air, providing added protection when the seasonal threats are high.

Use essential oils to clean surfaces. Frequently touched surfaces such as doorknobs, keyboards, cell phones, and grocery carts can be more harmful at this time of year. Cleaning these surfaces with an essential oil such as lemon, grapefruit, or eucalyptus can be a highly effective way to prevent exposure to toxins.

By developing a daily routine and integrating these tips into a model of consistency, we can easily and effectively help keep our families healthy.

If you are interested in learning more about how essential oil use can help boost your immunity or attending an Introduction to Essential Oils workshop, please contact JoAnne Gaudioso by phone or text at 480-225-5224 or by email at [email protected].