Eloy Police Captain Speaks at Ladies Social Club Luncheon

Left to right: Ruby Herman, Nora Shelton, Debbie Maxwell, Captain Byron Gwaltney, and Jill Lui

Left to right: Ruby Herman, Nora Shelton, Debbie Maxwell, Captain Byron Gwaltney, and Jill Lui

Nora Shelton

The Robson Ranch Arizona Ladies Social Club held their luncheon on March 14 and enjoyed an informative and interesting talk by Captain Byron Gwaltney from the Eloy Police Department. Captain Gwaltney shared information about the department, including how they are organized, what each area oversees, the types of crime in the area, and new technology that is being used to address crimes.

Captain Gwaltney began by announcing that the Eloy police department is now located in a brand-new, state-of-the-art facility located at 630 N. Main Street in Eloy. The department currently has 43 staff members, works an area of 13 square miles, and serves a population of about 15,000. Within the department are various divisions that provide specific support, including a Support Services and Criminal Investigation division, which is responsible for the overall administrative functions of the police department and the Criminal Investigative division.

A Patrol division protects the community through proactive policing strategies and suppression of crime. Captain Gwaltney stated that the largest bulk of crime in the area is drunk driving, collisions, and domestic violence. There are very few burglaries or assaults. In answer to a question by a Robson Ranch resident about crime within Robson Ranch, the captain said that scams are mostly what is seen. There is very little crime within Robson Ranch.

Captain Gwaltney said that the department is looking at drone technology and expanding technology for impaired driving. They plan to revamp their police radio technology, including a new 911 dispatch center, and will be able to use laser technology to track crime scenes.

Lastly, the police department encourages volunteers to assist with community events, traffic control, and data entry, among other things. If interested, you may find information on their website at www.eloyaz.gov/175/Police-Department. The department also provides community outreach and is available to talk at community events.

If you are interested in learning more about your community and other topics of interest, and enjoy meeting fellow Robson Ranch residents, please join us at the Robson Ranch Ladies Social Club luncheons, which are held on the second Monday of the month at 11:15 a.m. in the Robson Ranch Grill dining room. Everyone is welcome to attend!