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Dance Club’s New Vice President

Mary Jo Albrecht

Robson Ranch Dance Club welcomes Michelle Arensman as our new vice president. Michelle and her husband Craig grew up in the Kansas City area. They moved to Arizona in 2006. The Arensmans wanted to learn to dance for their daughter’s wedding so they signed up for dance classes. Their initial goal was to learn a couple of dances for the wedding. They found that they really enjoyed dancing and wanted to learn more. When they moved to Robson in 2021, they sought out opportunities for dance classes here, and that is how they found out about Christa Quackenbush. They signed up for her classes, learned many new dances, and really enjoyed the lessons. Through Christa they found out about the dance club. They joined so they could meet others who were interested in ballroom dancing and to attend the dances so they could practice what they had learned. You might also see Michelle and Craig at the gym, the pool, or riding bikes around Robson.