Created With Love

Cynthia Melito, President of the Stained Glass Club

Lynn Hooper joined the Stained Glass Club in February 2021, and after completing my beginner’s class, she progressed to advanced projects rather quickly. While she and her husband, Peter, were traveling Europe last July through December, she emailed many pictures of stained glass cathedral windows created by masters of the craft. She often joked and asked “should this be my next piece to create when I return?” I would always answer “no way” with a laugh. One day she sent me a photo of a three-dimensional piano that Peter found online and wanted Lynn to make for him. She assumed my answer would be “no way,” but instead I responded, “Sure, we can figure it out.”

Upon returning from their adventure, they sadly learned that Peter’s medical symptoms were from amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS). Despite the new schedule challenges she faced, Lynn was determined to complete Peter’s piano and came into the studio any chance she could. Once all her glass pieces were cut, ground, and foiled, she asked how we were going to assemble this piano since we had no instructions. I told her I had no idea but not to worry as the piece would let us know how to proceed. As you can see from the photo, it is a masterpiece! Lynn said that Peter’s eyes grew wide when he saw his piano and was so happy she made it for him. As her instructor and friend, I am very proud of her commitment to complete such a difficult project during this trying time.

I believe that if Peter’s Stained Glass Piano could play music, you would hear the theme from the movie Love Story!