Christmas Line Dance Party

On Thursday, Dec. 16, from 1 to 4 p.m. in the Robson Ranch Hermosa Ballroom, the Line Dance Club held its first annual Christmas Dance Party. All Dance Club members were invited to attend; and if a nonmember wanted to attend, the price was only $5.

The club provided pizza and wine for all dancers and guests. CJ served as the DJ, as well as the dance leader. Each different level was given an opportunity to dance to songs that were taught in that particular class. Starting with a dance for all levels, dancers quickly hit the dance floor! Sprinkled throughout the afternoon were songs for the intermediate class and the improver class, which were followed by the beginner and absolute beginner levels. It’s amazing to watch the progress of the dancers at each level!

Interested in joining a line dancing class? Check out the group information on NextDoor, or contact CJ at [email protected]. Everyone is asked to begin at the absolute beginner (AB) class; and if you’re more experienced, you will quickly move to the appropriate level. Although the AB class began in January, the next one will be offered soon. Classes are Tuesday and Thursday for intermediate and improver; Wednesday and Friday for beginner and absolute beginner. Dues are only $20 a year, and all classes and dance parties are free.