Christian Fellowship—New Church at Robson Ranch

Pat Sand

Did you know there’s a new church in town? Christian Fellowship started here at the Ranch earlier this year. It is a Christian-based church and an affiliate of the United Evangelical Methodist Church in Arizona City that meets on Sunday mornings. Chet Kwiat is the pastor.

The need to have an alternative to Sunday worship and with the support of several Robson residents, Pastor Chet decided to begin a Saturday afternoon service to better meet the needs of residents at Robson Ranch. Pastor Chet leads worship in the Laredo Room every Saturday at 4 p.m.

Having the option to worship on Saturday is a huge benefit and an opportunity to leave your Sunday mornings free … and if you’re like me, sleep in a little later! Christian Fellowship is the only church at Robson Ranch offering Saturday worship.

Pastor Chet is a one-man show, not only leading worship with Bible readings and meaningful sermons, but also acting as the choir, strumming his guitar and singing to modern music. Pastor Chet incorporates video and social media into worship services as well, bringing a modern feel to the entire fellowship.

The congregation and Pastor Chet are very laid-back and welcoming. I can’t tell you how many times we have all laughed at some video mishap or needed to just wing it when the computer took a hiccup. His sermons are relatable and, oftentimes, humorous. It’s a great group of people and best of all, they are all neighbors we see every day at pickleball, on the golf course, or in the gym.

Come join us on Saturdays at 4 p.m. in the Laredo Room.