“Chef-attended” wedding shower

Granddaughter Amy with her fiancé Mark along with Chef Martin and Heather Hardesty. Note all the wonderful side dishes to add to your pasta choice. Each dish was made to order!1

Don and Agnes Wilson’s back yard ready for granddaughter’s wedding shower

Agnes Wilson

Did you know that our restaurant will send a chef and assistant, in our case Heather, to help with a party at your home? We didn’t until recently, but now we would most certainly recommend this wonderful feature of our facilities.

On Saturday, October 28, we hosted a wedding shower for our granddaughter, Amy, and her fiancé, Mark. It was held in our back yard with 22 guests. The weather was perfect. Chef Martin and Heather came with everything needed to host a pasta bar (our choice) in our kitchen. They not only supplied all the food but also the dishes, napkins and silverware. When they left, our kitchen was spotless.

Thank you also to all our wonderful neighbors who let us borrow their tables and chairs.

Amy and Mark had a wonderful time, our guests enjoyed themselves and we didn’t have to spend any time in the kitchen but could attend our own party.