Casa Grande RC Flyers vs Robson RC Club –  what are the differences?

Casa Grande RC Flyers member Ken Hillery showing his grandson his planes

Casa Grande RC Flyers member Ken Hillery showing his grandson his planes

Alan Friedman

As a current member and the organizer of both clubs, I am often asked what the difference is between the two. The Casa Grande RC Flyers and the Robson RC Club are very different in many ways. Both are fine organizations but serve different purposes. The Casa Grande RC Flyers is primarily structured around flying radio controlled aircraft and promoting that hobby. The club holds flying contests, swap meets and has an annual air show. They raise money for local charities and welcome all interested people in the valley. They do have a radio controlled car track too, but club membership is reserved only for members of the Academy of Model Aeronautics. For those new to the hobby the cost to take up this airplane hobby and start flying can be as low as $180 for everything a person would need. The Casa Grande RC Flyers has nine certified flight instructors offering free lessons and a large paved runway, which is fully accessed via paved roads. Food is served at their events, and the public is always welcome.

The Robson RC Club is primarily involved in racing radio controlled cars. The club started as an airplane club but evolved to its current form this summer. Most of their activities and almost all of their resources are devoted to car racing. Only about 10-15% of their memberships fly model aircraft. Their major growth has been in attracting individuals interested in radio controlled car racing. The cost to enter the car hobby is greater as the typical car package costs around $229 plus the cost of an AC adapter. The individual is also required to spend $35 for a transponder that will count laps if the member wants to enter the club races. The club’s new area is reached by driving on the gravel back roads at the opposite end of Robson Blvd. near the RV Storage.

The Robson RC Club is only open to Robson Ranch residents. The Casa Grande RC Flyers is open to anyone interested in flying, which is why they have a far larger membership, currently 145.

Membership in the Academy of Model Aeronautics (AMA) is required to join the Casa Grande RC Flyers because AMA membership provides the pilot with the required insurance coverage and a professional resource to get valuable information. Details about both the AMA and the Casa Grande RC Flyers are on the club website, The site also has a list of all club activities. Club members receive discounts on purchases in area hobby shops when their membership card is presented. The Casa Grande RC Flyers is an Arizona non-profit cooperation dedicated to exposing the joy of flying to the public and giving back to the community by supporting worthwhile charities. For more information about the club contact Alan Friedman, the club president, at his Robson Ranch home or visit the club To join the Robson RC Club, contact their current president, Butch Spiller, at his Robson Ranch home.