Buckets of sand dollars


Nancy Friedman

What does one do with buckets of sand dollars happily collected from the Sea of Cortez? Share them and your artistic ideas with others. This is exactly what Melanie Douglas, co-president of the Fine Arts Guild, did last month. Bringing to the Fine Arts Guild’s first class of Summer Afternoons of Fun Art her talent and ideas as an artist, Melanie displayed a variety of watercolor and acrylic painted sand dollars which she created as Christmas tree ornaments, magnets and nightlights.

The Sand Dollar Painting Class is just the first in five Summer Afternoons of Fun Art sponsored by the Fine Arts Guild. There are four classes remaining which are Mono Printing on June 27, Watercolor Greeting Cards on July 11, Cartooning on August 29, and Rock Art on September 19. Classes are $15 each for nonmembers and $10 for members with supplies provided. Membership in the Fine Arts Guild is $20 per calendar year. If you would be interested in attending any of these classes or joining the Fine Arts Club, please contact one of our officers who include Jillian Moon, Janet Buckingham, Bob Smith or Nancy Friedman.