Bridge Divas road trip

Jaclyn Marshall (left) and Babs Barney-Steeves

Babs Barney-Steeves

Eight gals from the Robson Ranch, AZ Bridge Club took a four-day road trip to Rocky Point, Mexico. Their wonderful beach paradise home came with a cook/housekeeper. Karla was loved by all and fixed delicious meals. A favorite seemed to be her coconut shrimp! Besides eating, laughing and sharing, the gals played 194 hands of bridge. Prizes were for the total scores accumulated over the four days. Those prizes were first place, Joanne Johnson with 26,510 points. Second place, Babs Barney-Steeves with 26,320 points. Third place, Elaine Neitzel with 26,150 points. We also give a prize for the one who has suffered the “no card syndrome” for the trip. That went to Jaclyn Marshall.