Board Election Results

Melani Caron, CMCA, CAAM, AMS, General Manager

Thank you to everyone for voting in the first Board of Directors election for the Robson Ranch CG Homeowners Association. We would like to extend a special thank you to each of the homeowners who volunteered to run for one of the two open positions. Once the voting concluded, it was exciting to see that fifty-five percent of all eligible homeowners cast a vote.

Now that all of the votes have been counted and verified, I am happy to announce the outcome.   The two individuals that received the most votes of those running  for the Board are Dan Conrad and David Handlen.  They will join your current Board of Directors who are:  Jim Moore, Andrea Marchus and Mark Chapman.

Dan received the highest number of votes and will, therefore, serve a three-year term. David received the second highest number of votes and, therefore, will serve a two-year term.  Their terms commenced on April 1.  There are no current scheduled Board meetings at this time.   When the time comes for the Board to conduct association business, communication will be distributed to all homeowners with the date and time.

Please join me in welcoming Dan and David to the Board. Congratulations!