Bible Studies at Robson Ranch

Do current events have you asking the questions, what in the world is happening and why? Or, why does evil and division seem to be flourishing while what is good and unifying is not? Are we in the end-times? More importantly, what is the purpose for our existence? Where can I find the answers?

There is one such place that testifies to having those answers, which is contained in an ancient text consisting of 66 books and written by 44 different authors. This text has been read, studied, believed, and critiqued by more people over the last 1,500 years than any other and whose “best selling author” is the Holy Spirit.

Pastor Frank DeFusco invites both the knowledgeable and the curious to consider attending one or both of his Bible studies in the Cheyenne Room at the Ranch House on Tuesdays at 10 a.m. and Thursdays at 3 p.m. On Tuesdays, we are navigating the end-times prophecies found in the Book of Revelation, while Thursdays, lessons cover the prophecies found in the Book of Isaiah.