Beginning Drawing Class Full of Pleasant Surprises

Drawings by the absolute beginner class

Drawings by the absolute beginner class

Mary Beth Fisher

Wednesday, Jan. 19, in the Robson Ranch Art Center, a room full of residents waited eagerly for Laurie Laramie, a Robson Ranch resident, and her class “Drawing for the Absolute Beginner.”

Drawing from her long career in teaching, particularly kindergarten and first graders, she used her skills to do a clear and easy-to-follow outline, as she explained the basics of drawing to those with various experience levels. She began the class by asking a simple question, “How would you rate your drawing experience? And please rate it from one to five.” As we would expect, responses ranged from a -1 to someone who rated to be 2.5 and even a few people who honestly rated themselves as 5s. Laurie’s husband Mike, who identified himself as her assistant, happily brought in all the many props she used to demonstrate how to sketch and refine our drawings.

Participants were encouraged to pick an object that ranged from a hand-soap dispenser, a tissue box, a table lamp, a ball cap, and a few more items. The concept was, from the seat you were occupying, pick an object and draw it from your view. Two people sitting next to each other drawing the same object from a different perspective were impressed with their outcomes. There was much conversation and sharing of what they saw and how proud they were that their drawings actually looked like the subject, especially those who rated themselves low in their drawing skills.

Laurie shared many of the tricks that she has learned herself doing online classes during 2020. She explained the concept of vanishing points and focused on one- and two-point perspective in a drawing. We practiced her suggestions to sketch lightly and refine, refine, refine.

The Art Center plans to feature a display by the beginning drawing class as well as the beginning colored pencil class to encourage residents who insist they have no talent, but know that they have a desire to explore new things. After all, isn’t that what retirement is all about? We invite you, one and all, to come explore the many options.