Astronomy interest group proposed


Tony Levatino

On my tenth birthday, a long time ago, my parents gifted me with a department store telescope that introduced me to the wonders of astronomy. I vividly remember my first views of the moon, the Orion Nebula, the Andromeda galaxy and especially Saturn. Three years later, I retired my little refractor and assembled a homemade 4-1/4-inch reflecting telescope from parts purchased from Edmund Scientific Company. As the years went by, the telescopes grew and the views improved. What has been a constant is the fun and relaxation to be had by looking up at the night sky at literally thousands of objects and participating in what, to many, is the best sightseeing on Earth.

My name is Anthony Levatino. My wife Ceil and I will be moving to Robson Ranch Arizona in August. Our new home is being constructed as you read. We are excited to start this new chapter of our lives in the beautiful setting you have all come to know and love. I propose the formation of a new interest group based on Astronomy. My current interest in Astronomy is astrophotography and I own a 14-inch Celestron SCT housed in a 10×10-foot roll-off roof observatory that we plan to move to Robson Ranch pending the blessing of our homeowner’s association and Mr. Robson. I would like to hear from others in the community who share an interest in astronomy and would like to form a new special interest group along those lines. No special knowledge of astronomy will be required to join. For those interested, we can meet on a regular basis and discuss various aspects of our hobby like telescope building, astrophotography, the latest in astronomical research or whatever we choose. I envision the group setting up observing nights for the rest of the community at various times during the year. If you are interested, I invite you to contact me directly at [email protected].