Artist of the Month: Laurie Laramie

Laurie Laramie

Laurie Laramie

Deborah Dougless

After 32 years teaching elementary school, Laurie Laramie retired in June of 2020 and moved to Robson Ranch one week later with her husband, Mike. During her 32 years of teaching, Laurie taught Kindergarten, 1st grade, 3rd grade, and music in both Washington state and California.

Since her students used to laugh at her attempts to draw anything, and because COVID-19 was in full swing when they moved, she decided to take a free, online 10 lesson course on ‘sketching’ at She completed the 10 lessons and was amazed to learn that there were simple tricks and principles that helped anyone learn to draw!

Shortly after this, she met Nancy Friedman at the pool, who encouraged her to stop in at the Fine Arts Guild. Laurie joined the Guild and started attending classes offered for beginners. As she took each class, she realized that with each art medium there were also principles, tips, and tricks that help and are easy to follow!

So, Laurie began investing in acrylic paint, watercolor, pastels, pencils, and whatever she needs to continue growing in art. She continues to take classes at the guild which she says are invaluable. She also discovered that YouTube has directed lessons for all these different mediums which provide great learning experiences as well. This year she started applying her learning in creating home décor, pictures, signs, gourd art, fused glass pieces, and more. Laurie likes all art mediums but is drawn to Acrylics because of the vibrant colors.

Laurie says she is not a great artist, but always wants to be a good learner. As a teacher she values learning new things and makes a point to try to learn something new every day in retirement. She appreciates all the great folks at Robson who take the time to teach, come alongside, encourage, and help others learn how to do things they’ve never done before.

Laurie plans on spending her days continuing to learn whatever she can, wherever she can, whenever she can, and says she will continue doing it as long as she can!