Arthritis and stretching – is it right for you?

Lois Moncel, Certified Personal Trainer at Robson Ranch.

Did you know that simple stretches help improve flexibility and can also ease joint pain for those who suffer from arthritis? Below are a couple of tips to keep in mind when stretching.

Try not to stretch a cold muscle. Static stretching (no bouncing) done after 10 minutes or so of light walking or using a rower allows you to stretch longer and perform deeper stretches.

Use dynamic stretches that mimic the movements of the sport or activity that you are planning on doing. Dynamic stretching helps the body to prepare for work by increasing the blood flow and muscle temperature. For example…if you play pickleball then you may want to perform several gentle lunges to each side as well as the front as if you are going for a ball.

Finally, be sure to stretch at the end of your workout. This is when you will be able to gain more long-term flexibility because your muscles are warm.

Be sure to always consult with your physician or medical professional prior to trying new stretches or exercises.

If you have questions please contact Lois Moncel, Certified Personal Trainer at [email protected]. Information in the article was presented by Lois Moncel and the Arthritis Foundation.