Annual Recruitment Drive for Robson Ranch RC Club

Annual Recruitment Drive for Robson Ranch RC Club

Annual Recruitment Drive for Robson Ranch RC Club

Butch Spiller

The Robson Ranch Radio Control (RC) Club will be recruiting new members as the winter season approaches. According to Butch Spiller, president of the organization, there are two reasons the club has close to 100 members.

Two Great Hobbies

Whether new members are interested in the thrill of racing RC cars or the enjoyment of flying RC planes, this club has a beautiful facility for both. With two runways for flying and two great tracks for car racing, the club offers members a facility only a few minutes from their homes, by golf cart or auto, with shaded areas, a picnic area, and plenty of parking. Members have access to the facility 24/7. Although the park remains locked most of the time, members are able to access the park to practice their driving or flying skills.


The club offers members a great opportunity to meet their neighbors, both while enjoying their hobbies and at various social events organized by the club. The club also offers members the opportunity to invite family members to the field. Many members are thrilled to bring their visiting grandchildren to watch the planes and cars racing. Some grandchildren are given the opportunity to try out driving one of the cars.

If you are interested in joining the club, go to the club website at and download a registration form. Annual dues are $50 per year. Once we receive your registration form, a club member will contact you to make an appointment to get together for a club orientation.

For more information, contact Butch Spiller at 770-265-0358.