A Sweet Trip for the Roving Ranchers

Lori Aitken holds a 10-pound chocolate bar

Pat Sand

The Roving Ranchers took a trip to Glendale for a tour of the Cerreta Candy Factory. The candy factory is laid out with a retail store and the manufacturing portion right next to it. Our tour of the factory included a view of how the machines run and how they make caramels, cremes, and chocolate. The machines used were constructed in Germany and are over 50 years old. Chocolate bars weighing 10 pounds are melted to begin the process. Annually, the factory uses 500,000 pounds of chocolate to make all their sweet treats. The chocolate football at the front of the store, created because of the Super Bowl, is 9 feet tall and weighs 900 pounds. The candy heart weighs 300 pounds. The factory has a Santa mold that, when filled with chocolate, weighs 500 pounds and costs $5,000. That’s a lot of chocolate!

The Ranchers broke up into groups around several tables and were given a small milk chocolate “pizza” that they could decorate with marshmallows, pretzels, white chocolate, and sprinkles. The personal chocolate pizza was a special take-home souvenir of the tour.

After the tour, the group drove to The Spicery Restaurant. This restaurant in downtown Glendale is an old home that was built in 1895. The restaurant is divided into several small rooms, and quaintly decorated with lacy curtains and tablecloths on the tables. The Ranchers took over the majority of the restaurant and the chef created a special menu just for the Ranchers. Food items included homemade broccoli soup, specialty sandwiches, rolls, and a choice of four freshly baked desserts. Everything was yummy.

Since it was a beautiful sunny day with temps in the upper 60s, several Ranchers strolled down the block and visited a few of the specialty shops.

The Ranchers’ next trip will be to Laughlin, Nev., March 19 through 22. Those interested can sign up on the Roving Ranchers group on Nextdoor. The Roving Ranchers group is also planning an international cruise for 2024.