2021 Semi-Annual HOA Assessments

Nicole McCracken, Administrative Assistant

This is a friendly reminder that payments for the second half semi-annual assessment for the Robson Ranch Casa Grande HOA are coming due. Payments are due on Aug. 1, and late fees will be applied to payments received after Aug. 15.

Emailed statements and paper statements will be sent in the next few days. You can also view your statement any time on the HOA website at robsonranchazhoa.org. After logging in, go to “Member Center,” “My Account,” and then “HOA Statements and Payments.”

Account Balance

To check on your account balance for your HOA dues, please log in to the community website at robsonranchazhoa.org. After you log in, visit “Member Center,” “My Account,” and then “HOA Statements and Payments.”

Payment Methods

There are many ways to pay your semi-annual assessments to make it most convenient for you:

1. Mail a check to: Robson Ranch CG HOA, P.O. Box 94134, Las Vegas, NV 89193

2. Issue a bill pay through your bank to the above address

3. Make an ACH or credit/debit payment through the HOA website at robsonranchazhoa.org

*If you make a payment through the website using ACH (with your checking and routing number), there is no fee.

*If you make a payment through the website using a credit/debit card, there is a 2.5 percent processing fee.

Memo Line

Whether you are paying online or mailing a check, it is extremely important to reference your 10-digit property number which is located on the upper-right-hand corner of your statement.